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Brett E. Stevens currently provides an array of services to consumers regarding debt resolution including, but not limited to, Bankruptcy (specifically Chapters 7, 11, and 13), negotiation, and litigation involving violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other unfair debt related practices by creditors.

Law Offices of Brett E. Stevens educates its clients by explaining alternatives and their consequences, including giving a fair estimate of the probabilities of success and failure on each alternative, so that all Law Offices of Brett E. Stevens clients can make educated decisions as to which options are best for their specific situation. With some of the most advanced technology and resources available to date, Law Offices of Brett E. Stevens is able to provide its clients with highly efficient personal service so that clients remain informed about their case regardless of their particular circumstances. Law Offices of Brett E. Stevens's efforts are directed at helping consumers get back on track through several debt resolution options available to them so that they can focus on their daily lives and planning for their future.

Brett E. Stevens's reputation for providing professional legal services has been earned as evidenced by the trust exhibited by many clients since the inception of the firm.

Our Practices
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